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Thermal Track™ is a patented, highly efficient, low mass, modular radiant underlayment system designed for use with hydronic radiant heating systems. The Thermal Track™ system is comprised of Thermal Trackôthree grooved 5/8" thick aluminum clad wood composite panels that are ready to accommodate 3/8" PEX tubing. Immediately before application of finished flooring goods, Thermal Track™ is glued then screwed (or stapled) to a standard subfloor in a pattern to accommodate a tubing layout for a particular space. Finished flooring goods may then be applied over the Thermal Track™ as required.

  • Superior Responsiveness - Thermal Track™ is many times more responsive than a cementatious thermal mass, thus providing quick heat up, avoidance of over heating and greater zone control.

  • Efficiency - With low mass and a super conductive aluminum surface, Thermal Track™ can operate at lower temperatures than conventional cementatious thermal mass assemblies, thus providing greater system efficiency.

  • Low Profile - Thermal Track™ has a very small profile making it ideal for retrofit or remodeling applications.

  • Lightweight - Thermal Track™ is very lightweight, which can be a significant factor in raised floor spanning calculations.Thermal Trackô is a planet friendly

  • Green Product - Thermal Track™ is constructed on non-virgin wood, and is fully recyclable.

  • Conventional Construction - Thermal Track™ is installed within the natural flow of a construction projecting using conventional practices and conventional tools.

  • Scheduling - Thermal Track™ can be stored on site in a dry place for immediate installation, rather than scheduling for a gypsum/concrete sub contractor.
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